The business model with cloud object storage is that egress traffic (i.e. downloads) from the storage service to the player location is generally chargeable on a per-GB basis. The price is generally less than 0.10 EUR per GB but if you are doing many downloads and the files are large, this can result in some meaningful egress fee charges. Wasabi does not charge for egress but our pricing model is not suitable for use cases involving the hosting of videos in a manner where the ratio of egress downloads exceeds the amount of storage.

Our cloud storage services lack inherent encoding and decoding capabilities. Consequently, if you store a video file in a specific format, such as .mp4, and require the video player to receive it in an alternative format, this transformation must occur external to the storage service. In other words, the process of format conversion or encoding/decoding needs to be handled separately from the storage platform itself.